Anmeldung Gesundheitsmanagement

unigesund: annual fire safety instruction | 27.09.2023, 13:00 p.m.

Innenhof zwischen Süd- und Zentraltrakt (AAU)

Innenhof zwischen Süd- und Zentraltrakt




This training provides the participants with basic knowledge about preventive fire protection at University Klagenfurt, as well as the correct behavior in case of fire with reference to the fire protection regulations.

Theoretical instruction (general fire prevention measures and recognition of fire hazards, behavior in case of fire, self-protection in case of fire, behavior during evacuation exercises, orientation according to existing escape route concepts, discussion)

Practical instruction with portable fire extinguishers (explanation of the individual portable fire extinguishers and extinguishing agents, practical handling of portable fire extinguishers, demonstration of grease fire, gas cartridge, fire hazards at the office)

Direction: Mr. Josef Edlmann (examiner of the test center for fire protection technology)


Organized by

Waltraud Sawczak Gesundheitsmanagement AAU