24-29 September 2021
University of Klagenfurt
Europe/Vienna timezone

Call for Papers

On 17 February we decided not to risk the insecurities and inequalities that would come with a face-to-face conference and to hold MES 11 as an online conference. However, paper submission is still possible.

We invite contributions for papers and posters to be presented and for symposia to be held at MES11. In accordance with the MES guidelines, we welcome contributions which "satisfy the need for a wider discussion of the social and political dimensions of mathematics education, for disseminating theoretical frameworks, discussing methodological issues, sharing and discussing research, planning for action, and developing a strong research network". Details on the preparation, submission, review and publication of manuscripts will be given above. Please make sure to finalise and upload your contribution(s) until the extended submission deadline ends on 24 March 2021!

How to prepare the manuscript

When you prepare your manuscript for submission to MES11, please consider the following points:

  1. If you are unsure if your contribution would fit to the aims of MES, send a preliminary abstract to mes@aau.at in order to receive advice!
  2. Decide whether you want to submit a research paper, a project presentation, a poster description or a proposal for a symposium. If you want to present your research results, you can submit a research paper of a length of up to 10 pages. If you want to present your on-going project, you can submit a project presentation of up to 4 pages. If you want to present a poster, you can submit a description of the content and arrangement of the poster on up to 4 pages. If you want to organise a symposium, you can submit a presentation of its aims, rationale and participants on up to 4 pages. In any case, your submission will have to pass the review process (see below) in order to get accepted and allow you to present your work.
  3. Use the MES11 Word template (to be downloaded by clicking here) strictly for any submission! First, the template ensures that 10 or 4 pages means the same for everyone. Second, the template allows us to process your paper quickly when it comes to the publication of the proceedings. We do not have funding for intense typesetting, so that violations of the template will be sent back to you.
  4. You may include original-language material in addition to your page limit: If you include citations of non-English sources alongside their English translations (instead of English translations only, e.g. in citations of non-English scholars or in quotes from students), any text in original language and any entries in the list of references needed to cite text in original language will not count towards the page limit. You may also add a non-English translation of your abstract, which will not count towards the page limit either.
  5. Write your contribution in English! If you wish to have languge editing support, you should indicate that when you announce your submission by ticking the book "I wish to have language editing support". To ensure that we have enough time for langauge editing support, you should upload your manuscript by 10 March 2021 already. We will then try to provide language support by 17 March 2021.

How to submit the manuscript

To submit the manuscript, first create an account by clicking on "Login" in the upper right corner of this webpage and by then choosing "If you do not have an Indico account yet, you can create one here".

Once you are registered an logged in, you will find a menu entry called "Announce Submission" on this webpage. Click on this menu entry to begin the submission process. After you announced your submission by uploading the title and abstract, the conference organisers will have to accept your abstract. You will receive an email upon acceptance. Acceptance will be given within three days or faster.

Once your abstract has been accepted, you will have to log in again. You will then find a menu entry called "Upload Submission". Please upload your contribution there! Make sure that your files are named correctly (see above) and that you prepared a docx- and pdf-file of your submission, together with any image files contained in your documents.

You will have to repeat that process for every manuscript you want to submit. (We are sorry for the complicated process, but the conference software we are using does not allow any easier handling.) If you have problems with the submission, contact us at mes@aau.at!

Reviewing, acceptance and publication

Every submission will undergo a review process. MES has a tradition of supportive reviews, which aim at including a wide and diverse body of authors while upholding scientific standards. Details on the review process will be published on this website before the review process begins. Please reserve some time in March, as every contributor to MES11 may be asked to peer-review two other submissions. The outcomes of the reviews should be communicated until the end of April 2021, and authors can revise their contributions until the end of June 2021. The version uploaded then will be published in the conference proceedings before the conference begins. The proceedings will be freely accessible an an e-book and purchaseable in print. You can order printed copies, to be handed out to you upon arrival at the confernce, during the registration for the conference (which will open later).